About Us

TBAWA was formed in 2002 and affiliated with Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited. This is a non-profit organization to support the Tenpin Bowlers of Western Australia.
The objects for which TBAWA is established are to:

Brief description of program/service

Tenpin Bowling is an all-year-round indoor sport not subject to variation in weather conditions. Suitable for all age levels and skill. Handicapping system equalizes regular bowlers to approximately the same level, making the sport ideal for non-aggressive friendly competition.

Keeping record of scores on a regular basis, (eg weekly, monthly) over a pre-determined period will show self-skill improvement and rating position with other participants in the group, culminating in final placing's for acknowledgement by peers. This teaches achievement and interaction with the group.

For school age children, matches can be on a single age level or have different school year levels bowling against each other, from the same school or different schools. For younger levels, initial participation and training can be with portable equipment brought to the school or Community Centre.

The sport of Tenpin Bowling takes place in Bowling Centres throughout the Metropolitan Area where expert coaching is available.

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